What Does Your Institution Need to Grow?

Synergis Education partners with institutions to launch pre-and post-licensure nursing programs and innovative doctoral degrees driven by your institution’s mission, employer trends and student needs. We bring expertise and resources to colleges and universities that allow them to grow high-in-demand accessible programs.

Synergis provides expertise that can assist its partners to engage in smart program design where sequence, pricing and services create an economically viable program for three groups: the institution, Synergis and, most importantly, the Student.

I have found Synergis to be extremely responsive, to demonstrate ongoing understanding of our goals, and to be unwaveringly focused on success in terms of both delivery of a quality program and in terms of enrollment and financial return

Debbie Cottrell, Ph.D., President, Texas Lutheran University

Key to Collaboration

We develop highly collaborative partnerships with our institutions that combine our financial strength, marketing acumen and operational expertise with the underlying strengths of the institutions. Our process is designed to co-exist and not supplant traditional approaches.

Our EdVantage™ Services

Our service approach is student and institution centered. We offer the following to help support your growth:


Strategic marketing that supports your brand and drives enrollments. Learn More


Integrated call center and admissions team use multi-touch strategies to reach your prospective student in minutes. Learn More

Academic Services

Offer expertise and support course development at the guidance and direction of university faculty. Learn More

Student Success

Serving students every step of the way by fostering support through their entire student lifecycle, ensuring success and retention in your programs. Learn More

Informed Technology

Technology that comes alongside the institution to increase effectiveness, efficiency and enrollment for your institution. Learn More

Educational Programs Delivered on
Your Students' Terms



We support our partner institutions in launching complex, in-demand degree programs in a 3Modality™ format: Online, Face-to-Face or Blended. Together with our partners, we’ve tackled pre- and post-clinical healthcare, technology, education and business degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels.