User-friendly programs and technologies optimize the management of your growing enrollment and make degree planning and implementation easier than ever.


Our cloud-based technologies come alongside your systems to connect every phase in your students’ journey to: inform strategic decisions, drive efficient marketing, optimize the management of your growing enrollment, and make degree planning easier than ever before.

We ensure that actionable intelligence drives your student lifecycle from start to finish. What makes our enrollment management solutions so effective is our use of data analytics to continually drive marketing decisions, individually engaging students on a personal level and to ensure their retention and success.


Our tools track program vision and outcomes mapping to ensure alignment across all levels of the institution.

Instructional design

Analyzing Content

We track course developments from ideas to story boards to
content creation and curation to published classes, with
detailed analytics to ensure both efficiency and maximum
quality of the instructional content.

Performance Insights

By integrating student data our team and our partners can
navigate degree and performance insights to inform them of
next-step action items.


Our creative team builds branded microsites that leverage web APIs to facilitate real-time lead flow across multiple channels through a single centralized source. Each inquiry is tagged for attribution purposes and is maintained throughout the student lifecycle. Our contact center reaches out to inquiries and once they are validated, the data and the call are transferred to our enrollment team, often within minutes of filling out the form on the web. Our analytics platform ensures data intelligence throughout your entire student lifecycle to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing investment.


At Synergis, all education services teams leverage a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. This cloud-based solution keeps everyone on the same page working toward the same goal of providing the best possible service to the students.

Benefits Include

Utilizing Synergis data platforms to optimize your
enrollment pipeline

Strategically placing inquiries
based on intelligent predictive

Personalizing call-to-action
marketing to the right students
with the right message at the
right time – throughout the
student lifecycle

Perpetually evolving
prospect profiles as the
flow of students through
your pipeline increases

Integrating data from
multiple sources to
optimize your
predictive retention

Tracking proactive intervention activities and advisory strategies with personalized retention and student priorities

Tagging “at-risk”
students and
activating personalized
intervention plans


Our technology team has developed customized reporting for each functional department and leverages integrated data from our institutions, marketing partners and CRM. Our staff utilizes this information to be nimble decision makers, proactively allowing enrollment and marketing to adapt their strategies early in the student’s decision-making life cycle. Our reporting offers the following features, just to name a few:

  • Tracks, evaluates and analyzes inquiry progression through the lifecycle
  • Simplifies complex lead source analysis efforts
  • Provides insight into CPI and CPS analytics, to allow for lead source mix optimization
  • Delivers daily performance metrics to leadership to ensure the highest levels of performance across all departments (Call Center, Enrollment and Student Support)
  • Provides detailed class build information with historical comparisons and future projections

Enterprise Reporting