High retention rates build confidence in our partner institution’s faculty and programs. At Synergis, we offer student support services to help colleges and universities retain their students through the duration of their program. Understanding that each student requires individualized attention is key to retention success.


Our personalized retention system leverages phone-based advisors to cultivate a reliable relationship early on with students. Working in collaboration with the institutional leadership and faculty, the student support staff improves student retention through timely issue management and building a trust that extends throughout the student’s experience. Our retention methodology involves:

  • Multiple touch points with the enrolled student
  • Escalation of challenges and opportunities
  • Early identification of distressed students
  • Relaying student feedback to faculty, administration and curriculum development

Improving Retention Rates for Our Partner Institutions

Get to Know the Enrolled Student

• Multiple touch points
• Continuous support and advising

Identify Distressed Students Early

• Use analytics to predict students most likely to need help
• Consider advisor feedback for each student

Intervene to Help Students Succeed

• Provide additional support and guidance
• Escalate challenges and opportunities

Improve the Process For Future Students

• Provide feedback to faculty and administration
• Incorporate feedback into curriculum development