EdutechService 2014

The consumerization of technology has outpaced educational institutions.
Students are now bringing technology on campus and into the classrooms
that are often more advanced and powerful than what institutions
provide. “Many institutions do not have the time, resources or
experience to keep up with these rapid trends,” says Lowell Vande Kamp,
CTO of Synergis Education. Adding to the institutions’ concern is
continued growth in the segment of the student population that consists
of the adult learners or non-traditional students. They work full-time
jobs and have long-term educational and financial goals in life. “When
you compare the services offered by many educational institutions
against the needs of this diverse set of 21st century students, you
will find a gap. This gap is what Synergis Education is helping to
fill,” states Vande Kamp. Headquartered in Mesa, AZ, Synergis helps
educational institutions develop and deliver on-ground, online, and
hybrid degree programs to better serve the ever-growing non-traditional
adult learning population.

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